Jun 30, 2012

No-Buy Update: 1 Month Down, 5 to go.

Well, I kept mostly on track.

I didn't kick the no-junk-food and no-coffee habits, but I did manage to stay away from beauty products!

....Mostly.  I bought an extra mascara but haven't allowed myself to open it yet. It has to wait until I finish the one I'm using. There is also a bright pink e.l.f. blush that somehow made its way into my cart, but as soon as I got home I stashed it with the rest of my non-project-pan stuff, which is out of reach on a high shelf in my closet that takes a chair to get to.

Speaking of which, I decided on a Project 30 Pan. I've actually done multiple undocumented Project Pans in the last couple of years, so this isn't new to me. Instead of just hitting pan, I want to use them up. Here we go:

13 Maybelline eyeshadows
12 mini Sephora lip cremes
1 Stila Lip Polish
1 Eternity by Calvin Klein hand cream
1 Very Irresistible by Givenchy hand cream
1 Origins Ginger hand cream
1 Nicole by OPI Nic's Sticks nail polish (hot pink)

The other stuff I use doesn't get switched around much anyway, but I'm not particularly trying to use them up. The stuff above is stuff I've had for a while (like 1-5 years) and needs to get used up now. Not sure yet what I'll do if I use up something else first.

Jun 2, 2012


The day before I started my No-Buy (Memorial Day) I was lemming a bunch of things. I picked them up and put them back down. Then on the first day I was sorry that I put them down, but I told myself, hey what good is a no-buy if you're just going to haul before and after? But then I think, life is short, buy the fun stuff. And then I think, no! Be responsible! Have limits for yourself! It's important for being a proper human being/world citizen! So instead I'm going to make a list of my lemmings here (see below). When this is over, I'm buying myself a new set of brushes and a laptop, and then presents for others.

It's also hard to decide if I want to do a Project Pan or just see where I get at the end of six months (first world problems). I don't hoard that much, so I'm not sure I need a Project Pan, but I also want to use up some stuff I've had for too long and get new stuff... For example, that Stila Lip Glaze that I've had for nearly 4 years? Yeah, that is getting used up NOW. (It's a twist-up, not a wand, so the liquid is not teeming with germs, don't worry!!)

Anyway, here's a list of my lemmings:
Essence nail polish in Choose Me!
Essence Stay With Me lip gloss in Hottest Pink (not sure if it's my color though)
Revlon Whipped Colorstay foundation
Palladio Wet/Dry foundation
Aida Grey foundation
bright/neon pink blush
red blush
e.l.f. eye shadow primer (heard good things)
many different particular mascaras
Urban Decay eye shadows (I think I was boycotting the brand for some reason but now I don't remember)