Feb 23, 2012

starry night

I started out with this polish.

It's really purple, not black.  So I put it against my blue shirt so maybe you could see it better:

Then I noticed that it's brighter under a certain light.  So here's a pic of that:

It looks blue, but it's not.  It's purple.

Then I added some sparkles.


Feb 3, 2012

white glitter comparisons

Let's see, I got Snowglobe and Hallucinate each on sale.  After lemming Pearl Harbor for literally years, I finally snagged it, and I was just gifted Opal Glitter as an extra in a swap. They're all similar, so here is my first comparison post evar!!!!

2 coats of each.  As you can tell, Snow Globe definitely has the fattest pieces, but they're still fairly small (closer to glitter than confetti).  Hallucinate has a rough texture and is my favorite in this picture, but in real life it ties with Pearl Harbor, which I call Final Fantasy IX in my head.  I call it that because, 1. Pearl Harbor has negative connotations when phrased alone, and 2. The subtle blue sheen it casts reminds me of the game.  (It's my third-favorite game, btw.)  The sheen is more visible in this post.  At 2 coats, Opal Glitter looks exactly like Hallucinate with less density, but at 4 coats it is a perfect blend of Hallucinate and Pearl Harbor.

Whew!  1st comparison mani down! What do you think?

Feb 1, 2012

palette cleanser - rubyPUMPED! style

Classy blue

first rubyPUMPED! picture ever

This is the first picture I took in preparation for this blog, but ended up posting its sister instead.  I've decided to unearth it.  Aren't you lucky?

at least my cleanup is improving

The red alone seemed too plain so I added the flakes to make it look like fire, fully aware that I gave you guys a flake mani over dark blue earlier (sorry).  The flakes ended up ruining it.  That's karma, I guess.